Mom, Wife, and Business Woman, Violet was depressed and was looking for the right community, system, and information to help increase her energy and build her confidence higher and higher.  Hybrid was a perfect match for her and she has never looked back! 


Pam was post menopause and was feeling low on energy. She was searching for a restart, and an effective way to workout and develop a stronger routine that would increase her strength she then found Hybrid and never turned back.  


Sarah was post partum and was in a lot of pain. Thought she was doing all the right things. She had been through countless personal trainers and programs and thought she had tried it all. By working with Hybrid Athlete Training she transformed her health trajectory and  

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Emily was frustrated with her weight and didn't quite understand how to eat properly. She knew enough was enough and took the leap to grow herself. Through this emotional challenge she has created a higher quality of life and is forever thankful for Hybrid Athlete Training.  


Carrie, busy mother started the foundation program and was feeling bad about how she looked. Once she was referred to Hybrid from a friend her biggest breakthroughs was creating a better relationship with food. She now is feeling great and is striving to be her best self!


Having tried many of the diets,  and counting macros Pixie was frustrated because the lack of movement towards her wait loss goals. After joining Hybrid and creating a healthier relationship with food as well as the proper education about nutritional timing Pixie was on here way to loosing over 20lbs and keeping it off! 


Didn't have the balance she was looking for in life. Was unsure of the right choices to make with her fitness and nutrition routines to create a sustainable lifestyle without the Yo-Yo!

And then.... she tried something different 


Chelsey though she knew a bunch about nutrition. Her habits of eating too much and then eating too little created an unhealthy pattern and relationship with food. Being a busy mother of 5 Chelsey loved being able to access the app and do workouts anytime anywhere. In addition the guidance Hybrid has given by providing cooking classes and nutritional recipes is another areas she greatly has enjoyed! 


Busy mother of 2, being in a place where she felt emotionally and physically drained on the verge of a potential surgery Crystal felt she wasn't filling her own cup. She was challenged to understand more about herself and slowly but surely made small changes that allowed her to feel better, move again and not have to get surgery! Crystal has made major breakthroughs and has never looked back! 

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Mom of 2 little ones, military spouse, Julie found herself overtraining and undereating. Lost in a sea of information about what is "good" and what is "bad", she found herself drastically undereating and running more to try and see results. When she came to Hybrid, she was burnt out, tired and had a lot of triggers to work through and today she sits on the team as one of the certified coaches with a burning passion to help other moms out there in the same shoes! 


Stacey, 45 and mom of 2, found herself at rock bottom (physically) having to kneel on the ground to load the dishwasher. Having 2 brain surgeries and 7 other nerve related surgeries on her spine, pain has been part of her daily life. Several doctors told her she would be in a wheelchair by this point in her life, but she refused to lose hope and stop  trying. 


After several changes in her life, including moving across the country and going through menopause, Laurie began to gain weight and lose sight of herself. As she felt herself sliding further away from her goals, she, like many others fought asking for help because she felt she should know how to get herself on track. After finally asking for help and plugging into the Hybrid Athlete Training community, Laurie began to take pride in herself once again and has been consistently showing up for herself daily for over 4 years now. 


Before starting with the Hybrid Foundation Program, Sandy found herself in bed struggling with crippling back pain more often than not. She was at a point  where she felt no hope after working with multiple trainers and physical therapists and doctors. She was scheduled to get an epidural in her back and felt like it was her only option left to be able to actually participate in life with her family. She decided to not get the procedure and give it one last shot. After 4 weeks with Hybrid, she realized that she had no more pain. After 4 months she is nearly at 100 percent and accomplishing things that she never thought possible. She's feeling stronger at 40 than she ever has. 


Patti, wife and mother of 2 found herself at an all time low emotionally and physically. She felt ashamed to see herself in the mirror, let alone let her husband see her. As difficult as it was for her to ask for help, she decided that she was worth it and took action on her goals. Patti's confidence has grown in all other aspects of her life as a result of her filling her cup first and she is now passionate about helping other women realize they are worth it too!


Before coming to Hybrid, Karen found herself hating exercise and struggling to keep up with any of the fitness programs that she started. After turning 50, she had a pivotal realization that she needed to make some changes if she wanted to enjoy life with her family in the next chapter of life. After completing the Foundation course, Karen is seeing her body composition change; she's feeling strong; she has great energy; and she LOVES exercising!! She's able to experience life and make memories with her family now in a whole new way. 


Katie is a US Airforce veteran, mom of 3 and a wife. She grew up not having to worry about her weight and developing poor nutritional habits. After her third child, she found herself in a size 16 which was eye opening for her and she knew she needed to make some changes. She was depressed, gaining weight, and feeling out of shape. She recognized she was missing out on a lot of life trying to cover up, hide and sit on the sidelines. After beginning with Hybrid she is feeling confident, inspired, consistent, and even rocked her bikini proudly over the summer. 

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  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Customized Nutrition Coaching 

  • Personalized Fitness Program