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Coach Sarah 

Sarah is a wife to Doug, mom of three crazy girls , CPT, and total book junkie. . She has spent her whole life saying she wants to help the world. She has been many things: a singer, actress, middle school teacher, executive assistant, ethical fashion guru...the list goes on - She has been an entrepreneur in the Wellness space for going on 9 years now. 

Sarah realized she didn’t want others to go through the same things she had: from eating disorders, scale obsession and food restriction, to always feeling stressed around food and completely overtraining. There was a better way to living a long and healthy life . She wants you to know you’re more than a number on a scale. 

 You CAN be strong and healthy with a lifestyle that fuels you with foods you love and workouts that work into YOUR life. For Sarah, Hybrid Athlete Training was the missing puzzle piece that she was searching for.. When you look back on your life the number on the scale will never matter: but the way you FEEL will. Chasing around your grandkids at 90? Thats going to be YOU! WE CAN'T WAIT for you to be a part of it!

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