Your BREAKTHROUGH is here!

This is an 8-week, small group BREAKTHROUGH 

program for those who feel STUCK in unhealthy patterns.

Are you tired of starting your health/ fitness journey over every year? 

Are you ready to BREAK FREE from the lampshade and let the BEST version of YOU shine bright?

This is YOUR time!


Build Sustainable Routines

A healthy lifestyle is made up of many micro habits that have become routine and automatic

Have a Tribe

A community of like-minded women who are going through their own growth journey with you is essential.

Understand Nutrition

Together, we will customize your nutrition plan and teach you how to build your favorite meals to work for your goals and lifestyle

Chelsey's Story.......

Being a busy mom of 5, working from home as well as homeschooling, Chelsey kept attempting to lose weight by restricting calories and then eating too much. This cycle led to an unhealthy balance with food and NO RESULTS..... 

Then she signed up with Hybrid Athlete Training.... 

Emily's  Story.......

Frustrated with her fluctuating weight and the confidence she had in herself and her fitness routine Emily knew enough was enough it was time to make a change!  She had tried other weight loss programs but nothing that was sustainable. She was referred to Hybrid by a good friend and fell in love with the process and sustainable change was implemented....... 



Are you frustrated with nutrition and unsure of what your body actually needs?

During this program, you will learn ALL about macronutrients, micronutrients, meal timing/ sizes & how to fuel your body for your goals.


Not all fitness is created equal.

You will learn how to make PROGRESS towards your goals and optimize your body.

The first 4 weeks we will be building a foundation of mobility, symmetry and stabilization. The second 4 weeks, we will move into strength, endurance and conditioning.


It doesn't matter how perfect the fitness and nutrition plan are... if they aren't implemented, nothing will happen.

This program will help you rebuild your internal dialogue and set routines up to optimize your mental state daily. 


Track All Workouts

Track all workout stats. Log all weights and reps to follow progress. 

Community Chat

Build each other up with the community chat feature to help your fellow Hybrid Athlete's along their fitness and health journey. 

Track All Nutrition 

Easily track your macronutrients and set personalized targets for greater progress   


Didn't have the balance she was looking for in life. Was unsure of the right choices to make with her fitness and  nutrition routines to create a sustainable lifestyle without the Yo-Yo!

And then.... she tried something different 

Pam's Story 

Frustrated  because of lack of overall energy and vigor for life Pam wanted to get back on track to become the person she once was and who she knew she could be.  Referred from a friend Pam chose to commit to working with Lacey and the rest was history.... Watch for yourself 


Crystal is a mom of 2, wife, business owner, and former athlete who found herself dealing with multiple health issues and continuously filling other peoples' cups. She found herself at an ultimate low where she didn't even recognize herself anymore both physically and mentally. She knew that something needed to change and she got started with the Hybrid Foundation program and never looked back. 

Patti, wife and mother of 2 found herself at an all time low emotionally and physically. She felt ashamed to see herself in the mirror, let alone let her husband see her. As difficult as it was for her to ask for help, she decided that she was worth it and took action on her goals. Patti's confidence has grown in all other aspects of her life as a result of her filling her cup first and she is now passionate about helping other women realize they are worth it too!

Katie is a US Airforce veteran, mom of 3 and a wife. She grew up not having to worry about her weight and developing poor nutritional habits. After her third child, she found herself in a size 16 which was eye opening for her and she knew she needed to make some changes. She was depressed, gaining weight, and feeling out of shape. She recognized she was missing out on a lot of life trying to cover up, hide and sit on the sidelines. After beginning with Hybrid she is feeling confident, inspired, consistent, and even rocked her bikini proudly over the summer. 

Before starting with the Hybrid Foundation Program, Sandy found herself in bed struggling with crippling back pain more often than not. She was at a point  where she felt no hope after working with multiple trainers and physical therapists and doctors. She was scheduled to get an epidural in her back and felt like it was her only option left to be able to actually participate in life with her family. She decided to not get the procedure and give it one last shot. After 4 weeks with Hybrid, she realized that she had no more pain. After 4 months she is nearly at 100 percent and accomplishing things that she never thought possible. She's feeling stronger at 40 than she ever has. 


Coming from a strong background of sports training, such as high-level track & field,obstacle course racing, CrossFit, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and much more Lacey, Byrd is exactly what a Hybrid Athlete would be characterized as.

Her passion to facilitate change in others mindset, health, and overall goals are her primary driver. Lacey has been a personal trainer for over 10 years and has helped 1000's of people ranging from ages 11- 80 customize their health programs both in person and online, she has accumulated 8 different specialized nutrition and fitness certifications and is currently working towards a PhD in behavioral psychology.  

 As a women entrepreneur Lacey is constantly motivating those who need to take their business to the next level that it first begins by taking control of the body and mind.  The way you do one thing is the way you do all things!

Lacey Byrd

 Co-Founder Hybrid Athlete Training 

After registering for the course, you will be sent your set up packet to prepare you for the start of the 8 week program. 

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