With the ability to create significant changes on the lives we touch the Hybrid community is focused at solving systemic problems including but not limited to helping communities better their health, relationships, and mindset.

We insist on creating various solution based initiatives for our community at large to address these key areas in the form of cause based online and in-person events.

In partnership with various non-profits and for profits we can collectively make significant positive impacts on the these key pillars of health. Join us as we partner together to make significant impact in the lives of many needing community and focused initiatives to enhance health, mindset, and relationships!



Build Strong Relationships 

Develop stronger relationships through interactive  workshops, and learning from guest speakers who specilize in building stronger relationships. 

Have Fun 

Experience activities that can be fun for the family and for couples. 

Increase Communication  

Understanding various communication tools to equip you during the course of your dating, marriage, and also parenting of your children. 

The JH Outback Weekend is designed for you and a family member to enjoy fun outdoor activities, great music, food and much more in a beautiful setting away from everyday distractions. Your Weekend Adventure is distilled from summer programs delivered at JH Ranch for over 40 years. The JH Outback has been helping families grow together by hosting Weekend Everlasting Adventures for 20 years!


 On your everlasting adventure, you will find yourselves bonding through shared goals and shared challenges. Communication will deepen around your own values and priorities and you will take away a deeper understanding of life purpose, leadership, and practical ways to strengthen the relationships that are most important to you