Foot Over Pronation Corrective 

Corrective Strategies:

Inhibit- (SMR)-

Hold for 30-60 seconds at the trigger point.

complete 4-6 reps of joint movement holding the roller on the trigger point.

1. Fibularis complex (peroneals)

2. Gastrocnemius

3. Soleus

4. TFL

Lengthen- (static/ NMS)

Hold for 30 seconds max ROM

1. Gastrocnemius

2. Soleus

3. TFL

Activate- (Isolated strengthening)

10-15 reps (per side)

Pace 4|2|1

1. Anterior tibialis

2. Gluteus medius

3. Short foot

Integrate- (dynamic)

10-15 reps (per side) CONTROLLED

1.Step up to balance