3 Important Keys to Self-Development



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1.The Importance of Focus 

I think we can all agree it feels great to be focused completely with what we have in front of us. This is commonly referred to as the flow state an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. 

For example, people who surf are 100 percent focused on catching the perfect wave and when on they get up on their board they must have perfect balance. 

A professional Olympian who is on the balance beam must have complete control of their mind and body. An author who is finds themselves writing for hours with no distractions could also be defined as being in the zone or in a flow state. 

In order for us to grow and overcome we must continue to pursue this state of mind.  Understanding the distractions that constantly disrupt our thoughts are extremely important.  

Obviously these are just a few and you know exactly what yours are. When we know our purpose for action we remain more focused and motivated. Which brings me to topic #2. 


  1. Action will Fuel our Motivation

Motivation is not something that appears out of thin air. It can be elusive and hard to find at times. But the true questions is “why” does it leave us. It leaves because we are not emotionally invested in what we are doing at that moment. Our emotions play a huge rule in persuading our decisions.  

When we know our “why” then we establish belief. which will ignite the action in our lives. The action state is where our motivation is found. 

Believing about the greatness we possess is only the first step. The second step is understanding our why and purpose and moving into action. 


  1. Expand your comfort Zone?

Ask yourself when have I made the most progress in my life? 

Was in through the times where everything was smooth sailing and easy? Where you had a perfect routine, where it seems like nothing would take you off your own “FREEWAY”?

A quote that “If it doesn’t Challenge you it won't change you? 

Without failure there is no success.

I challenge you today to clearly define your distractions in life to maximize your unlimited brain power. With this shift in our mindset I believe a transformation will occur for you today. 


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