Member of the Month- JULY 2021

Member of the Month- JULY 2021








If you haven't had the chance to meet Carrie Lamarr yet, take a moment and watch the video above.

Carrie began with Hybrid Athlete Training 8 months ago with the FOUNDATION course and continued on with Lifestyle PLUS after that.

Over the past 8 months we have witnessed her completely transform.. not just physically, but her mindset and her confidence as well. In the past 6 weeks alone, 4 people have said YES to taking action on their own health because they too witnessed Carrie show up day in and day out and create the future she desires. Not only is she inspiring people from her own sphere of influence, but she also continues to encourage her team in Hybrid, and shows up and does the small things.

She is modeling true leadership through her own actions.

Congratulations and GREAT job Carrie.

You are playing a large role in changing people's lives.

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