Hybrid Kitchen Super Bowl Treats

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Recipes for Hybrid Athletes

Hello Hybrid Athletes, It is super bowl tomorrow and I’ll show you how to make something that is healthy, balanced and super tasty as well:). It can be as vegan/vegetarian or Paleo, and even Keto friendly as you want it to be. I got you covered!!!
Chicken and veggie Nachos
-Skinless Chicken thighs/breast (organic)
-Broccoli (pesticide free)
-raw cheddar/goat cheese (Pasteur raised)
-Corn chips/grain free chips cooked in coconut/avocado/palm oil
-Lettuce cups/Cabbage (for keto friendly)
Take out a nice pan to cook and sear the chicken the broccoli . Put 1 Tbs of coconut oil/ghee to the pan and place the chicken on as the pan heats up. Season with taco seasoning generously.
After 4-6 minutes, add Broccoli alongside it as well after you flip the chicken and season the other side. Cook for another 4-5 minutes before you place in the oven (400 degree) to finish for another 10-12 minutes.
When meat is fully cooked, place on a cutting board and chop in pieces.
Grate cheese
Place the meat and broccoli on a platter and chips or wedges of cabbage all around.
Top with cheese
Black beans, veggie and cheese Nachos
-black/white beans (organic) 1 can of each
-taco seasoning
Place the beans in the pot and add taco seasoning on medium heat.
Cook broccoli like above…
Mix the beans and broccoli and top with cheese
Place chips around and some underneath
Super Guac Bowl
-ripe avocado (2 large)
-scallions (1 stem)
-garlic ((2 cloves)
-sea salt
-limes ( large)
Super Bowl Salsa
-mangos (1 mango)
-pineapple (1cup)
-onions 1/2 cup)
-sea salt
-ginger (1 tbs)
Chocolate Chip Cookie dough bites
-macadamia nuts/cashews (1 cup)
-coconut flakes/chips (1/2 cup)
-vanilla (1/2 tsp)
-dates (1/2 cup)
-cinnamon (1 tsp)
-chocolate chips (70% dark/sugar free)
-optional (raw honey/maple syrup)
-maca root (2 tbs)
Must haves in the kitchen…..
-chef’s knife
-food processor
-mixing bowl
-how to apply your macros…
-how to make it all taste good…
-herbs are the spices of life;-)

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