Guilt Free Meat Lover's Pizza

Guilt Free Meat Lover's Pizza


Guilt Free Meat Lover's Pizza 

Yes, you read that title right.
You can lose excess body fat, build lean muscle and still eat pizza simultaneously.. and when I say pizza, I don't mean tossed lettuce on a cardboard flavored, thin crust!!

The problem with most pizza is that it is very high calorie, high fat and high in high glycemic carbohydrates (causing you to overeat without satiety). 

For example, 3 slices of a hand tossed,14" Meat Lover's pizza from Pizza Hut is 1170 calories.  63g of Fat, 102g Carbohydrates, and 51g of protein. On the bright side, there's quite a bid of protein, but on the negative side, it comes with way more fat and carbohydrates than you want to be consuming in a sitting to reach your fitness and body composition goals.

A good rule of thumb to follow when tracking your macro's for building lean mass and decreasing body fat is to keep the sugars and fats fairly low and increase the fiber and protein. 

This Meat Lover's pizza recipe follows that rule and does not disappoint. It is packed with flavor and doesn't break the bank when it comes to allotment of calories and macros for the day. 

Follow the recipe below and try it out for yourself! 



Calories and Macros 

(per serving)

  • 1 Simple Truth Organics Vegan Pizza Crust
  • 6 oz Jennie-O Lean Turkey Sausage 
  • 50 slices Hormel Turkey Pepperoni 
  • 6 slices Applegate Uncured Turkey Bacon 
  • ¾ cup Simple Truth Organics Pizza Sauce 
  • 3 oz Lisanatti Foods Almond Mozzarella cheese

Calories- 570 

Protein- 48

Fat- 26.5 

Carbohydrates- 38 

Sugar- 3

Fiber- 4

Prep Time: 25 minutes 

Servings: 3


  1. Preheat oven to 425* 
  2. Grate cheese 
  3. Cut bacon and sausage into desired sized pieces 
  4. Put the crust on a large baking sheet or pizza pan and apply sauce, cheese, sausage, bacon and pepperoni. 
  5. When the oven is ready, bake for 18-20 minutes, or until cheese is melted and meat is crispy. 
  6. Enjoy with a Kombucha, LaCroix, or Zevia 
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